The village of Ocracoke and its island stretch a narrow ribbon of sand between Pamlico Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. The name itself suggests history, enchantment, even magic. Some of the earliest recorded names for the island (Wokokon, Wocokon) reflect the island’s Native American connection. Eventually the “W” was dropped and spellings such as “Okok” and Ocrcok” evolved into the present day. Ocracoke is famous for the natural beauty of our sand, sun, and surf.

With sixteen miles of pristine, undeveloped, wild beaches, the island always has the perfect spot just for you. From the north end to South Point, the beach offers plenty of wide open spaces for all to enjoy. Surf fishermen, kite-flyers, kite boarders, sunbathers, shell-seekers, surfers, boogie-boarders, sandcastle-builders, nature lovers – and everyone else – will find that Ocracoke’s beaches are among the best in the world.

Make our island property, Up the Creek, your destination headquarters for what promises to be a vacation to remember!